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→ [ OOC; Crits, Complaints & Plotting ]

This is the obligatory "HEY, YOU! UR DOIN IT WRONG!" post for Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no Matsuei) of polychromatic

Should you have any issues with my characterisation of him during his time in the City please do not hesitate to inform me.

This offer also extends to any offers of plotting that may be desired if I am no directly accessible. Please leave a comment I will get back to you.

Anon comments are accepted and all comments are screened, no pressure exists and bitch me out if you wish. However, I reserve the right to argue my reasoning behind any and all of Tsuzuki's actions while he is in the City. He is one of my oldest characters currently in the City and has undergone many things during his time here.

Thanks for reading~


→ [ Thirty Three ]

I know this place... How long was I gone for? Or, how long had I been here for before going back. Or... ugh...! It makes my head hurt...!

I wonder if--

This is... the City, isn't it?

It seems like I'm back, somehow...

[ooc; Finally returning the him to the City ♥;; It took a lot longer than I thought but better late than never, as they say. Have a slightly disorientated Tsuzuki sat on the doorstep of the flat, already City-dwelling Shinigami types. Commentlog should you see fit :) ]

→ [ Thirty Two ]

Ahhh~ it feels good to have a day off after so much overtime lately. Not that I mind, it's been keeping me busy.

We need food shopping! Tatsumi~ Hisoka~ ♥ Tell me what we need in and I'll get it while I'm out, okay~?

[ooc; In an attempt to both avoid the Delilah goings-on so he won't go trying to beat the stuffing out of Muraki people, Tsuzuki has been an insanely busy Shinigami, working as much as possible and generally keeping himself distracted. Not easy to tell on the outside... unless you're an empath who can can tell something isn't right, of course ;p ]

→ [ Thirty: Voice Post ]

[ Muffled whimpering ]

Hisoka? can you help me get up off the floor? Ughhh! I don't like this curse anymore!

[ooc; Because it would be criminal not to subject Tsuzuki to this >:3 Have a puppy-shinigami who is finding it hard to move around~ ]

→ [ Twenty Nine ]

Filtered to the household//UnhackableCollapse )

[ooc; Log containing Hisoka and Tsuzuki's talk to follow later, I believe. So, Tsuzuki will be very carefully trying to help without revealing he's a Shinigami. Feel free to question him, but he'll give a generic answer that he just looked into ofuda magic randomly back in their world on a whim and he had no idea it would suddenly have use in the city! In other words, he'll tell a white lie wherever possible ;p Strikes are private and totally not there. ]

→ [ Twenty Eight ]

Private to the Shinigami, viewable to Naoto and Canti//Unhackable;Collapse )

[ooc; Sadly, there is no gift from the good doctor in sight because a few seconds after reading the card Tsuzuki smacked said present away rather harshly and there was smashings :( That's not the standard definition of gratitude, I'm sure. ]

→ [ Twenty Seven ]

Uwaaaaah! Isn't it great?

It's really different to the Halloween Ball. Ahhh~ it feels like it's been a long time since we've gone to something like this.

Cut for the flists~Collapse )

It's going to be so much fun! ♥

→ [ Twenty Six ]

Wow, so many spirits were around today. It's felt like such a long time since I've seen any that it surprised me a little. I didn't know that the Deities would have enough power to bring spirits here from other worlds. Hmmm... strange.

I didn't recognise any of them myself, though.

Hisoka... Are you all right? I didn't see any, but none of the spirits were visiting you, were they?

→ [ Twenty Five ]

There seem to be a lot of explanations going around today. Maybe it's a curse...

If it is I'm glad I'm not effected. I don't want to talk about myself.

I guess I should start moving Hisoka's and my stuff back into the other apartment.

Tifa~ if I'm late for work I'm really sorry! Please forgive me, I'll work extra hard to make it up to you ♥

Private//Mostly unhackable;Collapse )

[ooc; No curse for Tsuzuki because it would have been very tl;dr X); ]


→ [ Of Darkness ]
都筑 麻斗 [Tsuzuki Asato]

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